Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Give You Money Instead And Get A Tax Receipt?

The New Day Box initiative isn’t a legal organisation or a registered charity so you can’t get a tax deduction from your contribution. We cannot take any money or funds and we cannot handle cash. We’re simply a group of friends preparing gifts for other women and creating a giving circle by asking others if they’d also like to give a present to another woman facing a stressful time. If you’d like to make a financial donation to help the amazing work that’s being done to support women through challenging times, please go to the donations page on the Safe Steps website.

Can I Drop My Box Off To Crisis Accommodation Directly?

Most crisis accommodations need to keep their location confidential for the safety of the women and children staying there. We are in partnership with the Safe Steps, who will be distributing boxes out to crisis accommodation.

How Will Making A New Day Box Help?

This project started as a small scale idea amongst friends and colleagues. We contacted a few organisations and asked them if there was interest. The response was overwhelming. Crisis accommodation centres got in touch from around Victoria, and we have spoken to many amazing women working every day to help women find safety and rebuild their lives after domestic violence. What we keep hearing again and again is that these women have to focus on survival so the nice moments in life get lost. They have often lost all self esteem, and blame themselves for what has happened to them. They work so hard to protect their children during this disruption, but they have usually left everything behind and have nothing of their own. A New Day Box will often be the first present they’ve received in a long time. Beyond that, it’s a message from another woman that they wish them happiness.

We believe it’s really worth doing, and we hope you do too!

Can I donate as an individual? Do I have to be a business?

As much as we appreciate all your donations to ensure the health of others we will not be accepting individual donations this year. Please head over to Safe Steps to find out more about how you can get involved.