Make a box

Step 1

Find an empty shoebox.

Step 2

Fill your box with skincare, cosmetics and treats.

Step 3

Your box is done! Drop it off or post it in.

Your box might include:

New and unused cosmetics, beauty products, and non-meltable treats like lollies create beautiful gifts. We find it usually costs around $40 to fill a box. Spend what you are comfortable with and we’ll supplement boxes with samples and extras where necessary.

​You can also include a card if you wish. It is optional, but if you choose to this is an opportunity to write directly to the woman receiving the box. We often hear from the recipients the fact that someone cared enough to make their box was even more special that the gift itself!


  • Hand cream, face cream or face masks
  • Mascara, nail polish or lipstick in neutral colours
  • A bronzer or blush and brush
  • Lollies or sweets (non-meltable)
  • Perfume
  • A nice brush, comb, or compact mirror
  • Eyelash curlers
  • A pretty notebook and pen
  • A nice message or card

Your box should NOT include:

  • Anything sharp or not kid safe (eg. razors, candles or nail scissors)
  • Anything with nuts
  • Chocolates (as they can melt in the summer heat)
  • Foundation, concealer or face powder
  • Hair colour
  • Sanitary products
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste


​Items like toothbrushes and sanitary products are already provided for by Safe Steps. If you wish to donate these kinds of items please see here: SafeSteps – gifts in kind

Registration Form

Let us know when you are planning to drop off your box so we can plan to see you.

Then sit back and wait for one of our team members to get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Give You Money Instead And Get A Tax Receipt?

The New Day Box initiative isn’t a legal organisation or a registered charity so you can’t get a tax deduction from your contribution. We cannot take any money or funds and we cannot handle cash. We’re simply a group of friends preparing gifts for other women and creating a giving circle by asking others if they’d also like to give a present to another woman facing a stressful time. If you’d like to make a financial donation to help the amazing work that’s being done to support women through challenging times, please go to the donations page on the Safe Steps website.

I’m A Man, Can I Make A Box?

Absolutely! We will be delighted to receive any box put together by a man (and pretty impressed too). We have a few male team members who have been invaluable on this project, and we are extremely grateful to them for their support.

Can I Drop My Box Off To Crisis Accommodation Directly?

Most crisis accommodations need to keep their location confidential for the safety of the women and children staying there. We are in partnership with the Safe Steps, who will be distributing boxes out to crisis accommodation.

Can You Pick Up My Box?

Unfortunately as we’re all volunteers also working full-time, we can’t pick up individual boxes. You can post your box if it’s too difficult to drop it off in person.

Why Can’t The Box Be Wrapped?

Sometimes it will be necessary to open boxes before they get distributed to make sure it’s appropriate for the woman receiving it. For instance, some accommodations avoid the use of candles, and occasionally women at risk should not have access to anything sharp. If you’d like to put a ribbon around your box to make it pretty that would be wonderful!

Help! I Don’t Have A Shoebox!

If you don’t have a shoebox, ask your local shoe shop if they have any spares. We have found most stores extremely accommodating! We need all donations to be in a shoe box at drop off. Unfortunately we cannot accept donations out of boxes this year as last year we had a great deal of trouble getting empty shoe boxes in bulk!

What Sort Of Message Should I Write?

Writing a message is entirely optional. Last year some boxes had a simple card, some had no card, and some had messages of support. Some women wrote general messages of support and encouragement, and some even wrote of challenging experiences in their past, and offering assurances it will get better. It’s a personal thing, and whatever you decide a woman will still get a lovely box!

How Will Making A New Day Box Help?

This project started as a small scale idea amongst friends and colleagues. We contacted a few organizations and asked them if there was interest. The response was overwhelming. Crisis accommodation centres got in touch from around Victoria, and we have spoken to many amazing women working every day to help women find safety and rebuild their lives after domestic violence. What we keep hearing again and again is that these women have to focus on survival so the nice moments in life get lost. They have often lost all self esteem, and blame themselves for what has happened to them. They work so hard to protect their children during this disruption, but they have usually left everything behind and have nothing of their own. A New Day Box will often be the first present they’ve received in a long time. Beyond that, it’s a message from another woman that they wish them happiness.

We believe it’s really worth doing, and we hope you do too!